Glass staircases amazing architectural features that can create interesting and appealing visuals. A set of stairs made entirely of glass can make those climbing the steps appear as if they’re treading on air. The variety of shapes and sizes, along with the range of complementary materials that can be integrated, mean that the design options for glass-stair systems are limitless.

At Star-Tech Glass [1835 N Major Ave. Chicago, IL] we will work with you to understand your project and determine what’s required to achieve your desired look, feel, and functionality, while clarifying the details that will support your overall vision.

A glass-stair system is one of the most complex structural-glass products we offer, and there are many parts and materials that go into its creation.

Glass-stairs can be designed with a variety of features and options:

  • laminated glass stair treads and landings
  • stringers: glass or metal
  • railings and posts in a variety of options
  • structural glass beams
  • variousstructural interlayers
  • 24 non-slip top layers
  • low-iron glass standard
  • stainless steel fixturing hardware
  • embedded mechanical fixturing components within the glass
  • post-lamination polished edges

Contact us to discuss all requirements and possible details. We will be more than happy to provide the best service based on our knowledge and experience.

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